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In the days when Steve Jobs roamed Silicon Valley, barefoot and before the black mock turtlenecks, I set out to create the world's first wireless Ethernet solution. I was a brash twenty-something, reselling B2B microwave links through my fledgling firm, "Microwave Bypass". We were minutes from MIT, Harvard and B.U., where they were investing millions in their first LANs, but frustrated by T1 limitations for off campus connections. 

Ethernet struck me as a huge opportunity and so I raised money for R&D and nine months later we had our first product. There I am in the photo below, showing off my "Etherwave Transceiver". It crushed T1 connections, enabling 10/20Mbps, 802.3 links for up to 4.3 miles. Later we partnered with Cisco on a full-duplex interface that doubled the distance. 
Microwave Bypass held a commanding lead until the mid-90s, hailed by Aberdeen Group, Data Pro Research, IDG and a host of trade journals. We built the first regional network in New England, gave Interop '89 its first internet connection, designed a Smithsonian Award winning K-12 network, helped the space shuttle project at Edwards AFB, and set up a link from Bill Joy's kitchen to his lab in Palo Alto. 

Ultimately, I transferred our technologies to Motorola. And did I write! I was one of the few who understood the business then, so I wrote feature stories for industry publications, university newsletters, how-to's, spec sheets, ad copy, case studies, VAR guides, product manuals–you name it.

In 2001, I founded Meridian Microwave LLC, delivering licensed microwave to major broadcasters and enterprise networks. Among our highlights, we designed a 720 mile, ultra-low latency network for trading between the CME and NYSE, as discussed in the movie, "Flash Boys". 


Meridian continued through 2014, when implosions in the licensed microwave industry led me to the greater promise of Wi-Fi based fixed wireless. 

Today's fixed wireless is the best hope for closing the digital divide.


Price/performance for unlicensed tech hit a sweet spot in 2015. Then all at once, we had high bandwidth with spectrum efficiency and lower cost—primed to reach millions of underserved residences and smaller businesses. And it's only getting better. 


Legions of new WISPs are spurred by attractive ROIs and low business barriers, and they're extending broadband everywhere as aggregators stitch together larger networks. It's an epic time for the radio industry, tantamount to the invention of FM. 


Many have termed it "the fixed wireless revolution", and Theodore Wireless is sounding the charge with witty, insightful commentary, profitable guidance and fits of marketing inspiration. If you're in the market and wanting to grow, email me and let's talk!


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